Why Industries are Turning to Containerised WTP Solutions

Containerized Water Treatment Plant

In recent years, industries worldwide have witnessed a significant shift towards containerized water treatment plant (WTP) solutions to address their diverse water treatment needs. This trend reflects a growing recognition of the advantages offered by containerized systems in terms of flexibility, efficiency, and sustainability. Containerized WTPs,  installed within standardized shipping containers, encapsulate the entire water treatment process in a compact and portable form, revolutionizing how industries manage their water resources.

Containerized WTP solutions provide industries with a versatile and scalable approach to industrial water treatment, offering benefits such as rapid deployment, modular design, and remote monitoring capabilities. These systems cater to a wide range of industries, including commercials and IT parks where access to clean water is essential for drinking & operations. The increasing adoption of containerized WTP solutions underscores the industry’s commitment to sustainable water management practices and the need for innovative solutions to address evolving water quality challenges.

What are Containerized WTP Solutions?

A containerized water treatment plant (WTP) are ready-to-use water treatment systems designed and engineer within shipping containers. These compact units can be transported easily to different locations, making them ideal for various applications.

Key Features of a Containerized Water Treatment Plant (WTP)

1. Mobility: Containerized plants can be moved to new sites with minimal effort. They are suitable for temporary installations, emergency response, or remote locations.

2. Scalability: WTPs can be scaled up or down by adding or removing containers as needed.

3. Compact Design: Containers optimize space utilization, especially in areas with limited room for traditional plant rooms.

4. Portability: Containerized WTPs are built within standard shipping containers, enabling quick and cost-effective transportation to sites, especially in emergency water treatment needs.

5. Rapid Deployment: Installation is hassle-free, as the entire system is pre-assembled and ready for use upon arrival. It reduces lead time compared to traditional water treatment facilities. 

6. Plug-and-Play Installation: Containerized WTPs are typically pre-engineered and pre-assembled off-site, requiring minimal on-site installation and commissioning. They are equipped with plug-and-play connections for water inlet, outlet, power supply, and data communication, simplifying setup and start-up procedures.

7. Cost-Effective: Reduced construction time and simplified installation lead to cost savings.

8. Durability and Weather Resistance: These plants are designed to withstand harsh environmental conditions, including extreme temperatures, humidity, and corrosion. They have weatherproof enclosures, insulation, and corrosion-resistant materials to ensure long-term performance and reliability.

Applications for Containerized Water Treatment Units

Containerized water treatment units find applications across various sectors and scenarios due to their versatility, portability, and rapid deployment capabilities. Some typical applications include:

1. Emergency Response and Disaster Relief

Containerized water treatment units are rapid deployment during natural disasters or water supply disruptions. They can be quickly transported to affected areas and set up to supply clean water to communities, relief camps, and medical facilities.

2. Remote or Rural Communities

In remote or rural areas with limited access to clean water, containerized water treatment units offer an efficient solution. These units can be deployed to provide decentralized water treatment, improving water quality and accessibility for communities that are off the grid or lack access to centralized water infrastructure.

3. Construction Sites and Mining Camps

Containerized water treatment units are used in temporary or remote construction sites, mining camps, and other industrial operations where access to clean water is essential but limited. They provide on-site water treatment to meet workers’ and operations’ drinking, sanitation, and process water needs.

4. Mobile Water Treatment

Temporary Facilities which is suitable for events, festivals, and temporary settlements.

Wipro Water Way

Wipro Water now presents a comprehensive range of  STP, and WTP (RO) standard packaged plants, ingeniously encapsulated within containers. These containerized plants offer an ideal blend of treatment solutions, ensuring potable water for various locations, including campsites, warehouses, and construction sites. With hassle-free site installation, our containerized plants are designed to streamline the process, facilitating easy transportation to new sites with minimal effort.


When selecting a containerized WTP solution, industries should consider water quality parameters, treatment capacity, site conditions, regulatory compliance, operational costs, and maintenance requirements. Customization options and technical support services are also important considerations.

Wipro Water offers a specialty range of antiscalants that is highly effective in preventing membranes from scaling. Wipro Water also offers a complete range of acidic and alkaline cleaners and solutions for bio-fouling prevention to ensure consistent permeate water quality, reduced cleaning, energy optimization due to cleaner membrane surfaces, and longer production cycles.

Range of Wipro Water RO & NF chemicals:

  • General purpose RO and NF antiscalant
  • RO Antiscalant targeting specific ions
  • (high hardness and high silica at feed)
  • Acidic membrane cleaners
  • Alkaline membrane cleaners
  • Nonoxidizing biocides
  • De-chlorination agent