Tailored solutions based on specific water chemistry and facility requirements for a leading chemical manufacturing company located in central India with standard plant solution

Project Overview

A leading chemical manufacturing company located in central India is searching for a reliable supplier partner for the design, engineering, manufacture, supply, delivery, construction, and supervision of the erection and commissioning for water pre-treatment plant. The project aimed at addressing specific water treatment needs critical for the company’s operations. A pre-treatment plant is needed to meet the specific needs of the chemical manufacturing industry


The company encountered several significant obstacles and these challenges required innovative solutions to ensure the water quality met stringent operational and regulatory standards.

  1. High Impurity Levels: The water source available to the company was filled with contaminants and exhibited significant hardness, making it unsuitable for direct application in sensitive manufacturing processes, particularly in the use as boiler makeup water.

  2. Integration and Efficiency: There was a critical requirement for a water treatment solution that could seamlessly integrate with the company’s existing operational framework without diminishing efficiency or product quality.


Wipro Water addressed these challenges head-on by implementing their Standard Plant solutions. These pre-designed, modular plants provided a robust and efficient approach to water pre-treatment, tailored to meet the specific needs 

  1. MGF-ACF Plant (36 m^3/hr): A standard plant equipped with multi-grade filter and activated carbon filtering systems was installed, capable of processing 36m3/hr. This system effectively removes suspended particles and chlorine, ensuring the water meets industrial standards.

  2. Drinking Water Unit (500 LPH): As part of the solution, a pre-designed Standard Plant specifically for drinking water treatment with a capacity of 500 liters per hour was implemented to supply safe, potable water for on-site use.

  3. Softener Package (5 m^3/hr): A Water Softening Plant was also installed, treating 5m3/hr, to mitigate water hardness and prevent scale formation in machinery and boilers, tailored to the industry’s specific requirements.

  4. Operation: The plants were designed for manual operation, offering flexibility and precise control over the treatment processes, aligning with the operational dynamics of the chemical manufacturing company.


The implementation of Wipro Water’s Standard Plant solutions led to significant improvements in water quality and operational efficiency

  1. Enhanced Boiler Operation: The implementation of the Standard Water Pre-treatment Plant ensured the production of water that meets the quality needed for boiler makeup water, enhancing boiler efficiency and operational lifespan.

  2. Seamless Operational Integration: The Standard Plants were integrated into the existing infrastructure without any disruption, showcasing Wipro Water’s capability to deliver turnkey solutions that complement the client’s operational flow.

  3. Consistent Water Quality: The project achieved its goal of providing a continuous supply of treated water that adheres to both the company’s stringent quality requirements and environmental regulations.

  4. Project Delivery: Wipro Water’s commitment to excellence was evident in the robust and timely delivery of the project, leveraging their expertise in Standard Plants to meet the precise needs of the chemical manufacturing industry.

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