Revamp and Capacity enhancement of existing effluent treatment plant for a leading global food and beverages company​

Project Overview

A global leading food and beverages company looking to revamp and capacity enhancement of its existing effluent treatment plant with an aim to achieve 100% recycling to reduce fresh water intake and utilize the recycled water to us as boiler feed water and cooling water makeup use.


  • Revamp / retrofitting of existing effluent treatment plant ( 25 + years old ) with capacity expansion on a high space constraint location without plant shutdown.
  • Achieve guaranteed treated water quality suitable for feed to Reverse Osmosis system against very high inlet parameters TSS (6000 ppm), COD (11,000 ppm ), BOD (5400 ppm), and Phosphate (28 ppm) and should sustain during peak/surge load (120 %).
  • The redesign treatment process is in such a way that all future major maintenance can be conducted for critical equipment without complete plant shutdown


  • Wipro water conducts a detailed study of the plant, analyzes various risks, and considers critical challenges faced by the site team during an operation in the past and then redesigns the process and plant layout and added require minimum new equipment within available space to meet the desired treated water quantity and quality.
  • Daily management control by deputing its skilled team at the site for daily operation in sync with project execution activities so that the project meets all critical milestones as per the plan.
  • Overhauling all existing equipment to make it fit for long-term use and execution continued under Covid in a highly controlled manner without any break


  • Delivered a robust, redesigned new technology-enabled plant to handle such high inlet load and achieved treated water quality which is 100% recyclable. 
  • Provision created in process design to perform all future major maintenance activities without complete plant shutdown. 
  • Flexibility to operate the plant at a lower capacity than design while keeping the plant’s energy efficient.

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