Biological Wastewater Treatment for One of the Largest Producers of Oleo Chemicals Company in Indonesia

Project Overview

The project involves the construction of a new 2000 m3/day wastewater treatment plant tailored specifically to the refinery’s requirements. The refinery’s wastewater is characterized by elevated concentrations of COD, BOD, and nitrogen, necessitating the deployment of advanced treatment technologies to achieve the strict discharge values mandated by the Indonesian government.


  • Due to the location on the seashores and the Indonesia pollution control board’s stringent standards for discharging wastewater generated by various manufacturing processes, it was critical that the metallurgy be chosen carefully and that the treatment scheme be both impactful and cost-effective.
  • High Temperature and a fluctuating load of Free and floating as well as emulsified oil.
  • The Owner required that a portion of the treated water be recycled and that methane (CH4) gas produced during the biological effluent treatment process be commercially used.

An ingenious treatment process

Wipro Water, with its extensive process knowledge of highly critical wastewater treatment, chose the following process lines to handle a COD load of 10,000 kg per day.

  • Wastewater screening, oil cracking, equalization, oil and suspended solids removal, and wastewater cooling are all part of the pretreatment process.
  • Upflow Biological Treatment Anaerobic Sludge Blanket reactor with gas flaring system, then two-stage aerobic reactors and secondary clarifiers with return activated sludge system.
  • Tertiary treatment consists of an oxidation process followed by a two-stage filtering process.
  • The system was designed in a modular fashion for ease of maintenance and future expansion with minimal effort.


  • The plant’s modular architecture distinguishes itself by allowing the end user to maintain the systems without requiring a significant shutdown in the future.

  • The facility consistently produces less than 75 parts per million COD and 50 parts per million BOD.

  • After successfully commissioning and handing over, Wipro has extended the support for 6 months, monitoring technical support until the customer is satisfied.

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