How to choose the best Industrial Wastewater Treatment Solution Provider ​

Industrial Wastewater Treatment

Industrial Wastewater treatment is increasingly adding value not just to the plants but also making a positive impact on the environment. The water that used to be available to the industry was relatively inexpensive and unregulated up to a couple of decades ago. Any Industrial plant could just draw water from any nearby water source and & then dispose of the used water into the environment. However, the exponential rise in economic development has put enormous pressure on water availability. Unhindered urbanization and expanding piped water supply and sanitation systems have also contributed to the rising demand. Water availability is one of the top global risks according to a World Economic Forum Global Risk Report estimating a 40% shortfall in water supply globally by 2030 ( if no changes are made in how water is managed, It goes without saying that scarcity and cost of water pose a huge threat to most industrial facilities. The 2018 United Nations World Water Development Report noted that 70% of industrial waste is dumped untreated into streams and rivers, where it pollutes drinking water (  As a result of all these forms of over-exploitation of a precious resource, different countries have formulated different regulations regarding what can be discharged into water bodies, and these regulations are constantly revised and are getting more stringent with each passing year. 

As the availability of water becomes scarce, expensive, and highly monitored, there is an urgent need for Industrial plants to design their overall water management systems so as to sustain plant efficiency and economic feasibility. Many industries are now focusing on the internal water cycle, where the water used from one process can often be used in another process in the same facility after undergoing the required level of treatment. Such a holistic wastewater treatment system not only leaves a bare minimum impact on the environment but also saves costs.

Industrial wastewater treatment systems treat water so as to make it more appropriate for a designated use, whether related to an in-house process requirement or for discharge into the environment. Treating industrial wastewater is a methodical process as there are many types of pollutants & each of them requires its own unique treatment. 

Now that we have an idea of the crucial importance of Industrial Wastewater treatment systems let us take a close look at how to choose the best Industrial Wastewater Treatment Solutions Provider. Choosing the best provider will help ensure that industrial wastewater is treated effectively and efficiently while also helping businesses comply with regulations and minimize the environmental impact.

Choosing the best provider for industrial wastewater treatment is of vital importance

  • Efficiency: An experienced provider will have the depth of knowledge and relevant expertise to design and implement an industrial wastewater treatment system that is tailored to the specific needs of the industrial plant and will be able to optimize the system for maximum efficiency.
  • Compliance: Industrial wastewater treatment & effluent discharge is monitored by multiple authorities, and it is important to choose a provider that can ensure that your system is compliant with all relevant regulations. 
  • Quality of treatment: A good provider will use state-of-the-art technology and equipment, and will have a thorough understanding of the latest treatment methods. This will help ensure that industrial wastewater is treated to the highest standards possible. 
  • Reliability: A robust Wastewater Treatment Solutions provider who has a good standing in the sector will be able to provide industries with reliable & punctual service right from design, engineering, supply, installation & commissioning, operation & maintenance, retrofitting, remote monitoring, disposal of treated effluent and supply for all consumables spares of industrial wastewater treatment systems. 
  • Sustainability: A best-in-class Industrial Wastewater Treatment technologies provider will design & execute a sustainable and eco-friendly treatment system for industries which will minimize the environmental impact at multiple points.
  • Cost-effectiveness: A good provider who has dealt with diverse sectors will be able to come up with the most economical system which minimizes the cost of treatment while maximizing the efficiency of the effluent treatment system.

Key factors to consider while choosing the best Industrial wastewater treatment partner for your Industrial plant

  • Diverse range of Experience:  A proven track record of successfully designing, executing, and operating industrial wastewater treatment plants for a wide range of industries and sectors is an absolute necessity. The provider must possess a team of thorough professionals who are experts in industrial wastewater treatment and have an in-depth understanding of the latest solutions and technologies.
  • Access to Technology: Access to & familiarity with State-of-the-art technology and equipment to ensure the highest-quality & the best-suited customized Wastewater Treatment Plant.
  • Versatile approach: Providers should be able to provide all scales of solutions right from a standalone product to a comprehensive model. The best Industrial Wastewater Treatment technologies providers are the ones who take an integrated approach in going through each & every water path & the needs of the plant to design and provide a water management system that can maximize the plant’s efficiency. 
  • Ability to ‘Own’ the project & execute end to end: The provider needs to possess the ability to not only provide design & consultancy but also execute & operate the water treatment plants as per periodic maintenance plans, thereby being accountable for the entire process.

Wipro Water provides Unique, Accessible & Efficient solutions

Wipro Water is a division of Wipro Enterprises Pvt Limited, which has a number of businesses, including fast-moving consumer goods, lighting, hydraulic cylinders, industrial automation, 3D printing, and aerospace component manufacturing business headquartered in India. 

Wipro Water, as a leading provider of water and wastewater management solutions, uses a variety of methods to treat industrial wastewater. Depending upon the need, Wipro Water deploys Physical, Chemical or biological treatment methods. Advanced treatment methods such as reverse osmosis, ultraviolet disinfection, and membrane filtration to remove dissolved solids and other contaminants from the wastewater are used in industries where its requirement is necessitated. In addition, Wipro Water provides Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD) solutions, which help customers to achieve zero liquid discharge from their water treatment facilities. Some of the above methods may be combined in a treatment process to achieve the desired results, depending on the characteristics of the wastewater and the specific regulations and guidelines that need to be met.